Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Add a Touch of Glass to Your Do

Hello Everyone! 
 As promised, I'm bringing you the pics of my newest Sea Glass Hair Accessories :)
I know, I've been chomping at the bit....checking back daily....fretting....wondering when they'll be unveiled......
Well, your wait is finally over!! I'm just having some fun with you....but, maybe, just maybe.... were wondering about them a little, tiny bit? Hee hee :)

Isn't that one above so pretty...I found some gorgeous Olive Green glass this year.  It looks stunning paired with copper. 

Those are 2 amazing pebbles nestled between the glass there, similar enough in color to be matched up, but different enough in design to make them each unique!

I really like to do these random color pieces....makes it so easy to wear with jeans...and gives those bits of rare glass (like the little blue ones) a chance to shine!

These little green beauties measure just an inch and 1/2 each (about 4 cm).  They pack such a gorgeous statement into a tiny package :)

This one is lovely in shades of sea foam and wrapped in gold tone wire.

This is one I created a while ago, but LOVE sooo much!  Like an Ocean Mosaic, it's like scooping sand into your hand and pulling up this treasure....all kinds of shiny and beautiful bits all in one place!

I like to imagine this in the hair of a Bride getting married on the Beach :)

There is some of that lovely Olive Glass again, this time between soothing coffee browns....

This one is so special....elongated, thin pieces fit together like a staircase in the clouds and showcasing one subtle shard in sea spray blue. (say that 10x fast...haha)
This is one of my favorites...pitted shell and stone....such wonderful texture....all natural colors....even that purple one on the end!

....and last, but not least, this Wintry Gem is soft in whites...and a bit edgy wrapped in a punk snow princess...haha!

Hope you enjoyed them...

They are now in my shop for your Holiday gift-giving consideration *wink*

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!! I'll be "sea"ing you soon.... (the dork in me, yet again) ;-D


Heather H. said...

Cameron, Thank goodness you posted your sea glass hair accessories, now maybe I can sleep at night I have been waiting, waiting and waiting!!!!!! They are beautiful and if I didn't sport super duper short hair I would be ordering some.
Heather H

Micki Wilde said...

Those are beautiful Cameron, I love the rustic looking ones with the pitted pebbles and shells in too, they are gorgeous!!

Micki x

Victoria said...

Cameron!! OH my...I am dazzled and charmed!!...these are ALL so lovely..visual poetry...I am in love with the ocean mosaic too! these are amazing creations..they look like magical bundles of creation..just stunning!
You are a super creative goddess!! thanks for weaving your magic here!

thanks for your lovely visits and sparkles too..and yes..the picture was upside down!
Hugs and sparkles

Lynda said...

Those clips are beautiful! :) Very very pretty.

mermaiden said...

i do love sea glass, and your hair jewels are luminous!

trisha too said...

These are beautiful! I especially like the glass ones, how they kind of glow in the light.


Sea you later! (What, you think you're the only dork??)

Hey, may I swipe a pic and link you on my blog?

brandi said...

~each one so unique and really beautiful...i do l♥ve the one you think of a an ocean mosiac...perfect words for the midst of moving and yet your remain driven to create...wonderful are you...much l♥ve and light shining brightly upon you and yours~

Diane said...

I love sea glass, and your hair accessories are super!
Thanks for stopping by~

Theresa MacNaughton said...

How gorgeous they all are! I especially love the green one and the pitted stone. Adorable little trinkets for the young (and young at heart). Great job, Cameron! Theresa

brandi said...

~good morning dear friend...i know you are beyond busy but when you have a moment there is something waiting for you on my little drop by for a moment whe time permits! i hope this finds you well and in good spirits...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours~

VS said...

First off...that's not dorky, that was funny!!! :)
I LOVE your line of sea glass hair clips, what a beautiful design you have come up with & the wire just makes it rock!!! Love those girl!
Rock, get it??? Talk about a dork, lol!
I know your daughter will be an adorable dalmation!!! I hope no one throws any doggie biscuits in her bag. ;)
Happy Halloween Sweet Cameron!!!

SaraLynnArt said...

Gorgeous! My favorites are the green pins... they just seem to glow! What a beautiful idea!

Lauren said...

These are just beautiful! I love the one with the clear stones, and the seashell one. They are so luminous :) ~Lauren

Anonymous said...

I love the sea glass hair accessories, Cameron. Beautiful ! Carole

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