Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tuesdays with Maggie

Maggie has been home for Spring Break, so I've been trying to alter my weekly routine to include her in them.  This way, I still try to stay on task and we can do something together. Of course, it takes a bit longer....haha!

Tuesdays are my designated art day.

I made some room at my table and we worked side by side.
We started with 2 sheets of 9 x 12 inch white Bristol Board.  We chose patterned papers to tear and adhere to them.

Here they are all covered.  Mine is on the left.  Hers on the right.
We then took some watercolor pencils and scribbled them on in different spots.  We applied gesso to the surface to pick up the color and tone down the papers.
Then it was time for paint and stamping....
Here, Maggie is rubbing the stamp pad directly onto her surface.
They looked like this after that layer.
Now we were ready for our main images and inspirational quotes.
Maggie wrote her own :)
"Enjoy wildlife,
Be friendly,
live life.
Then she chose this image to put on her piece.
Her finished art :)
I still hadn't decided what I wanted to do with mine when she proclaimed she was done and went to play.   
She compares herself to me sometimes and feels badly that she can't draw or paint like I do.  I tell her it's taken me years and years of practicing and doing art regularly to be where I am today....and I'm still learning and improving...and that she will, too.  So, I was planning on keeping things loose and simplistic, so we could both do similar styles, when we began.
But since she was done...well, I could let loose....haha!
So I began to see a face in my background.
I sketched her out in white pencil and began applying washes of thinned acrylic paint.
Those are the 3 colors to the left there that I usually use for my fleshtones.
Americana Brand - Light Buttermilk, Fleshtone and Light Cinnamon.
I apologize for not having more in-between stages, but I started working quickly once I figured out what I wanted to paint.  I chose a Rumi quote to feature "Unfold your own Myth"
Above are her finished eyes....
...and below, the finished piece.
All those layers paid off, I think. It gives the background such a lush look.
She has the quotes "Reveal the greatest version of you" and "The possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another" written on her, also.
Click to enlarge if you like :)
She has a neat Renaissance feel to her. 
She is listed  in the shop, fyi. 
Love that Maggie and I both made art this week.
I also received some awesome art from my friend, Micki Wilde aka The Secret Hermit
Isn't she adorable?!
And look at that yummy texture!
Thank you, Dear Micki!
Please visit her shop to see more of her whimsical girls :)
I'll be by to visit before the big weekend festivities!
Don't overdo the chocolate....or, instead, do indulge, but hide all the evidence....heehee!
Reveal your gifts to the world, beautiful creative kindreds!


amy said...

Aw, you know I love that you're making art together!! I also love that you have a designated art day...I am still fitting things into the cracks over here but some day...

Magic Love Crow said...

Happy Easter ;o) I love your creation Cameron! Stunning and the quote is very meaningful! I think it's special that you and your daughter create art together! Maggie's creation was fantastic! Micki's art is beautiful! I love her art! Take Care ;o)

Heather Henry said...

That is so awesome to see all of the steps and layers of your art and Maggie's art too. Both turned out quite beautiful. :) Have a gorgeous weekend.
Big hugs to you both! :)

Lisa Graham said...

Can't think of a better way to spend time than making art together. Your daughter is a sweetie pie. Tell her I LOVE her art...she did great!

So did you mom.

I concur. Micki rocks. So does her art!

Micki Wilde said...

Aww I love seeing you and Maggie working side by side, soooo sweet!!
I'll be getting no painting done this Easter break as we're in the middle of having our kitchen ripped out.....EEEEEk!! wish me luck ;o)

So glad you like that mermie, oh and in case you didn't know already the texture is done with Golden's fiber paste, I love that stuff!!

Happy Easter x

Tammie Lee said...

so fun to see both your pieces unfold and come to life. they are both beautiful!

Micki's piece is wonderful too~

Kyra Wilson said...

What fun for her to work with you like that!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm all for sharing, having fun together, and unfolding into smiles and mythical fun. And running out to play, too, of course ;-)

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Oh wow, Cameron! This piece is BEAUTIFUL. I adore Rumi - and I agree there is a definite Renaissance feel to the piece. :) I love that you and Maggie worked on art together. Her piece is wonderful! :) And I like the quotes she used! Happy Easter!

Carmen Wing said...

Love seeing you working together. Ruby is like that - a whirlwind and then done :-). Wish I knew with such certainty when to stop! Love the words she chose for her canvas and seeing how you both layered up.

I always enjoy seeing your girls and going green eyed over your gorgeous hand writing.

Micki's mermie is such as beautiful addition to your shoal of underwater lovelies :-)

Happy Easter Cam x

Linda said...

Great bonding moments are the best. Beautiful artwork.

Kristin said...

Hi MAMA! I have Tuesdays (and Thursdays) set aside for art too! I love that Maggie worked along side you and I LOVE what she came up with. Her quote and image is especially sweet knowing how you all like to camp as a family. Now, your girl is absolutely stunning! I love the depth in her eyes and those flesh tone colors are great. She's really rich and deep.
Gorgeous gift as well, I love her work too :)
Happy Easter to you all,

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

That is so sweet! Love how you two play. :)

Tammy said...

WOW Cameron! I love her, such beautiful eyes and all the quotes speak so strongly to me! Love her! Thank you also for commenting on my blog!! It made me feel so encouraged!! :o) Hope you have a super day!!Tammy

PiaRom said...

That is so wonderful see you both make art together, that must be so heartfilling fun ♥ I love how Maggie glued the whole bookpage and then arrange the colored papers around it :) your piece is amazing too and my favorite part is are her green eyes, the glaze at her skirt and the marvolous butterfly !! Mickies mermaid is gorgeous too, I will visit her page...
big hugs and kisses

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