Friday, November 4, 2011


HI there Bloggy Darlings!!

I'm super excited to be blogging again so soon....with new fun things to share!
Yesterday was a good day.
A really good day....and I'll tell you why...

I know I've mention Amy before.  She is just a really cool person, spreading art love everywhere she goes, coming up with great ideas for collaborative projects, and is offering LIVE online classes......for FREE!  Absolutely free....she invites everyone to attend...

Anyhoo...yesterday was the first time my schedule allowed me to sit in...
It was a lot of fun!  More on what we did in a sec....

Yesterday was also a good day, because Geri nominated me:
You are supposed to share 7 things about yourself that you don't think your Blog Friends know...
Hmmm...okay...let's DO this!!

So for the class, Amy showed us how to attach fabric to paper using a sewing machine.
I used muslin fabric, watercolor paper underneath and black thread...because that's what was in there already.  Here's the back of my piece to show you the randomness of my stitches.
That leads me to my first thing...

1. I'm lazy...I don't like to put too much effort into certain things, like my appearance (jeans and a t-shirt EVERYDAY....splash my face with water and now that my hair is short...a few finger rakes...and I'm fine).
...or having my home be spotless...I'll clean like a fiend when company comes over, but push the mess aside otherwise.
....or in this case, changing thread colors....I'm going to just say, I thought black would look cool instead of that I hate winding those bobbin thingys and figuring out how to rethread my needle ;P

2.  An exception to the above is a bit of craziness in me  that makes me empty out every box in the garage or hunt the aisles of a million stores.... just to find and create some  vision in my head.  I don't understand where that drive comes from....but it is exhausting, and sometimes, just not worth it in the end.  Here's an example:
I was looking for something to use in my Mad Sea Party Post
Nothing I already had would do...
...went to 5 stores looking for just the right thing
...found this mermaid
...put her in a dozen places til I settled on this candleholder perch
...took the picture
...and returned her the next day. 
Craziness, I tell you...
She's not even that cute.

Back to the class, so after we did the sewing, we started drawing....she was showing us how she paints her cats.  They are more simplistic...more stylized...I have trouble with that.
I started to sketch this guy out. 
I sewed two 5 x 7 inch thought, to be fair to her teachings, I would try to do something looser...and not be so serious :)

3. I find it funny, that even though I like to paint fantasy and whimsy, I have such a hard time letting loose.  I tend to lose the playful quality I want to convey...and instead, get hung up on details and minutia...

So I drew out another cat...and started applying the paint until I got this little guy...
Can you see the wonderful texture of the fabric?  Amy was is really, really cool!  I'm sorry these pics are a bit blurry.  It's actually raining today!  I love the rain....but, it makes the lighting not so good for photo taking :)

4. I never use an umbrella.  I don't like trying to hold them steady when the wind catches them, I don't like the fuss of having to angle it just right or walking slower so others can share it.  I think I get just as wet trying to close the thing up as I do just going where I need to go.  Besides I don't mind a little water on my face...I don't have to worry about running mascara or messing up my hair...haha!  ;P

At first, I picked browns and creams....cuz that what colors cats are, right?!  Sheesh, I'm just so darn literal!  So when Amy made hers blue...I went and grabbed some, too...and some fuschia for good measure.
Fabric really soaks up the paint, so I learned that I could use a ton of water to move the paint around.  If I used plain water on my brush, I could almost erase parts of it and add subtle highlights.
I mixed fuschia and cream for the background and enjoyed how it gave me a mottled effect :)

This class was soooo much fun!  The girls across the pond were sipping wine...and I was jonesing for one myself, but it was noon here, and I had to drive to pick up my daughter from school not long after.

5.  I am a total light weight when it comes to drinking now.  When I do drink wine, I use one of those small juice glasses..and only fill it half way.  This is enough to make me "happy"....heehee.
I used to be able to drink all my dates under the table *sigh* good times...haha!

6.  I like being good at stuff.  Not that drinking is something one should excel at....but I like surprising people by being able to do/be more than what they expect.  I'm pretty unassuming when you look at I guess I leave room for lots of surprises!
I had to miss the part where she showed us how to cover it all in beeswax :(
I've seen her do it before though, she has a tutorial here...
Besides, I don't have wax or a warmer anyways..

7.  I'm a boring artist.  I use the same short list of supplies all the time.  Of course, now that I'm not working, I can't afford new ones....but, even if I had the money, probably wouldn't get anything new.  It takes me a while to venture out of my bubble and do what the other kids are doing.

Which is why I'm so glad I could be a part of this class!  I woulda never tried or even have thought of this on my own.  So thank you, Amy, for helping me to branch out a bit :D

Thanks, to Geri, too...for the award :)  I'm supposed to nominate 15 other Bloggers now...but, I'm lazy, remember, so I'm going to break the rules.  But, feel free to grab the button and share 7 things abut you if you like!

...And, of course, thank all of you for making this creative journey of mine so much more is always more fun to travel with friends! 

Just, as I'm finishing this, the rain has stopped...and the clouds are parting...
That's California for ya'....see, no need to get the umbrellas out ;P

Hope your weekend is a great one!
Much paint covered love,


Jennifer Michelle said...

Ouuu I much enjoyed this post, and your delightful cat! Beautiful little piece! I must be honest though, I quite liked the mermaid! HAHA!

Carmen Wing said...

My jaw is hanging open for 2 reasons! THIS is what you were working on? She's fabulous!


I could've wrote that list. Seriously.

Jeans & t-shirt plus short no-fuss hair? Check.

The exception stuff and shove stuff to one side stuff? Check.

I can't do whimsy, had to give up on that part in Tam's free course because I was literally headbutting the table where I was over complicating things.

WILL NOT use an umbrella. Nope.

Used to be able to drink anyone, ANYONE under the table, in fact a barman who challenged me literally did slide off his chair and into a heap under the table once. Which is where I left him. And I'm talking whiskies. Now, one glass of wine and within 10 minutes I'm Zzzzzzz.

Boring (and stingy) artist here too!

You sure we weren't sisters separated by some cruel twist of fate?

Geri said...

Cam, You, Carmen and I could be the 3 Musketeers. I have my jeans and old shirt on right now with my finger combed hair. I ran through the rain today without an umbrella. We could all get tipsy on 1/2 glass of wine! Loved your kitty and your list.

Raven Moon Magic said...

there is huge relaxation in your honesty, I love the tone of this post, its so beautifully you! I walk in my art room and have the same problem with the technique and supplies thing, mainly because I live no where near an art shop but also because breaking thru to a new technique seems time consuming and really if I dont know it yet I dont know it even exists!
SO the cat tutorial is great!, I love sewing on fabric then panting it. You have inspired me , got me some ideas now!!
and I love learning new things about you. I wouldnt call it laziness, I would say you are relaxed in your living, we are all too highly strung these days! your an inspiration! and the drinking, Im so the same, alcohol is no where near me now, I just dont understand it when I drink it, I was thinking of it yesterday while driving. I used to drink to feel good, i couldnt wait to have a drink every night to get that monkey off my back, but now when I have a drink, the feeling creeping in is not relaxation, is almost like a fakeness that feels very unreal and un natural. so I figure, i used to drink to be happy but now Im happy so I dont need the drink, there is no higher place to go!
Maybe I will channel my inner lazy bones and go slowly today, I so need it.

Love ya


trisha too said...

Oh, puh-lease, Cameron, you are not boring. Not embracing drama is NOT the same as being boring, not at all.

I think you're charming and fun, so there!


trisha too said...

PS--your kitty is pretty, and I love the new profile pic showing your cute 'do!

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Kitty is wonderful! And fun info to read about you. :) I'm lazy, too. :)

Dear Fireflies said...

Hi Cameron. It's so lovely of you to stop by my blog, now I can return the visit and feast my eyes on your wonderful art!

Your kitty looks fabulous! oxx

Treehugger_31 said...

What a cute kitty! :) I loved learning more about you too!

Unknown said...

look at this.

now my ego will be HUGE.

i'll be

i seriously wanted wine when lisa got hers too :)

okay. your cat looks great.
i love that you know you can't cut loose unless you do it your way.

i can't believe this post.


i am like on cloud nine.

thank you.


BeWitchy said...

The cat is really cute -- I really like the colors you used.

JessiVille said...

Hi Cam! This post cracks me up! I can total identify with everything you shared about yourself except the short hair. I live in Oregon and still don't use an umbrella! And yes, I used to drink my dates under the table too. Not too proud of that one now that I look back on it, lol! The mad shopping and returning, the whimsy challenged art... I'm laughing my head off - NOT boring at all! And I LOVE your cool kitty!
Thanks for sharing! Jessi xox

miruspeg said...

Loved reading all your interesting tales Cameron.
Being happy in your own skin is so important and you my friend are not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.

That cat painting is super!!
Warmest hugs
Peggy xxxx

Terri Kahrs said...

OMG! I'm also in the Sisterhood of lightweight wine drinkers, T-shirts, jeans and light, no-fuss grooming! Your piece is super delicious!!! Actually . . . . it's amazing!!!

Thank you for all of your warm wishes! It's so good to be back on-line. I'm not good at handling Matrix deprivation! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Carrie Martinez said...

I just love the way you write, so funny! Lovely texture and effects, and the way you highlighted in blue. Very nice!

Joyce van der Lely said...

gorgeous cat Cam !!! And congrats on the award too, you deserve it ♥ Your house sounds very much like mine. Lots of FUN !!! Are you going to use more of this technique now ? Looks really great :) Don't know how I've missed this post ? But never late than never, hehe Big Hugs xoxo

Wini said...

Hi Cameron, what a fun post and its great to learn more about you!! I have the same tendency as you to look for that perfect thing... agree it can be tiring. THe cat is really cute and I love the fuchsia highlights...!!! Well done!!! Wini xo

Kristin said...

I LOVE THIS! So good to hear more about you - and that kitty is FABULOUS! xoxo
And whatever DID happen to the drinking bug - why are we all saying the same thing? I used to be the best at boat races (a drinking game like a beer relay ;) and now I can't even finish a glass of wine . . . what a snore I am! xoxoxo

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