Friday, August 27, 2010

From the Archives

Hello All!

I've got a rare treat for you today!  A little looksie into the Archives of my old Handmade Card Biz I owned a decade (WOW, a decade!) ago :) I didn't even know (or just plain forgot) these existed!

You most of you already know.....I've been running Bare Bones computer-wise for a few months access to Desktop, External Hardrives, USB Port, Scanner, Printer.....Nuttin....not even sound!  While this makes sharing and uploading pics of new work challenging, it hasn't been impossible.  I type all the content of my posts here at home, snap the photos, etc. then I take them to my Parents' house.  My Dad puts them on his computer for me, and I transfer them to the post from there.  It works....but I don't get to manipulate my photos, so my camera skills have been tested, too!

Anyways....while I was there yesterday, I was looking for copies of my work in his files to use on another website...when....lo and behold.....

I stumbled across these! What a blast from the past! Thank goodness parents think all their kid's stuff is worth keeping...haha!
I handwrote all that Japanese in the background! No, I don't know how to speak it.....I copied it. But my Grandmother was Middle name is Shizuko, which was her name. Just a little tidbit about me :)
I started making handmade cards 11 years ago at my kitchen table. I was working as a waitress back then, and I'd load the cards up into a basket and show my regular customers my creations....

I called my biz Art 2 Heart.

I've always loved sets of things......separate pieces that belong together.
Here is my first Shell Set painted in watercolor. My gosh, how could I forget these!

These Swan Cards blew me away! I vaguely remember doing these...but, if my Dad hadn't insisted  on scanning every piece I've ever done....then these would have still been lost in the dark recesses of that peanut I call a brain,!

This next one is my favorite in this set <3

And here's 2 more for fun!

Oh, and matching envelopes! I think they make such a nice statement that can make the Receiver smile even before it's opened...and ties everything together :)

Hope you enjoyed these...I know I did.  A trip down crafting memory lane has been a nice way to gain new ideas from old projects...and takes the pressure off not having anything more recent to share...haha!

Of can make one feel a little OLD, uggh...

What's lying around in your archives?

Smiles :)


Theresa MacNaughton said...

These cards are gorgeous, Cameron! I love all of them. I still have my high school portfolio with all my artwork in it. Every now and then I like to pull it out and check out what I created. I did decorative painting about 10 years ago, and I still have those treasures in various rooms of the house. I checked the date on one today - I just couldn't believe how long ago it was! Theresa

Lauren said...

These are amazing, what special cards! :) It is so fun going back and looking at older artwork, isn't it? Every once in a while I come across a drawing or painting that I completely forgot about. Thank you so much for sharing! :) ~Lauren

Faiza said...

your watercolours are lovely!

Micki Wilde said...

Those are lovely Cameron, I started out with making cards too, it was 6 years ago for me ;) Not sure if I have any piccies though, mine were fairly basic a lot of them had fimo characters on too, then I took a leap into jewellery making which was more fulfilling but still didn't fill the gap, until Art came along about 3 years ago, and I finally got to where I am happiest :)


Micki x

Unknown said...

Your father was a very smart person to copy all of your art work. You are a very skilled artist! I love coming to your blog and seeing what you have created (or did create)!

Mrs Whiffo said...

Look how beautiful they are so talented!!

I am trying to teach myself to draw at the moment, it's not going to well...although i can draw a mean Lois from family guy ;)

Jessica @ said...

Gorgeous cards! The shells are my favorite, I love the beach so so much.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous cards! It's always fun going back and looking at things you've created in the past. Once in a while, I will come across something I've made way back when. It always makes me smile. ;)

- Raye
xxpenguinscanflyxx (Swap-Bot)

Treehugger_31 said...

Very pretty! :)

Alexandra and Julia said...

Hi, Cameron. I love looking at your card, I can see you had a lot of fun making them. What a great memories to revisit. You inspired me to revisit my work as well:) By the way, thanks for the tips on ATCs and that private swap idea sounds good. I will do a new post with some of my artwork and if you like it, may be we can about possibilities:)

Anonymous said...

Wow these are gorgeous! Apparently you have always been exceptionally talented. I really love the japanese one. It's been awhile since I've been over here, I hope you are doing well!

trisha too said...

Hey, your cards are all very nice!

Oh, gosh, I have stuff from when I was a wee lil' thing (seriously, from kindergarten!)

Phoebe Baker said...

Those swan cards are so beautiful. I love the Japanese one too. I used to know how to write and speak a little Japanese (I was lucky enough to go to a high school in Seattle, WA where they offered it as a foreign language)

Yesterday, my girls and I went for a walk and saw this beautiful swan: Swan

They didn't want to leave, but the light was going fast and I still wanted to get some photos further up the trail. :o)

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