Thursday, December 29, 2011

On the Agenda

It's that time of sum up what we've done in the last 12 months.
To decide there are some things that can be improved,  others that can be strived for....and put on our list, yet again, those things that we still want, but have eluded us thus far...

The thing that most needs improvement in my Life, is my health...
Resolution # 1 Get Healthy

Since we moved and I stopped working as a Massage Therapist, I've done zero physical activity.  Do you remember the muscle pull while swatting flies incident?
I've been noticing aches and cramps that weren't there before....and a noticeable loss of flexibility....
I'm only 38. 
I spend way too much time sitting in front of the computer.
My Dad has heart issues.
I had borderline high cholesterol 3 years ago (the last time I had it checked).
Um....does anyone else see the red flags here...ding ding!!  Time to make some changes.
So, I need to drop Maggie off at school and...

Those red things are bike shorts....does anyone still wear those things? Haha!
This is for illustrative purposes only.  I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of shorts in public :)

I just need to get my physical activity done in the morning, before email and blog checks, before excuses and obligations...I need to just start my day on a positive.

Be more regular about taking my vitamins...

...and eat more veggies.  I actually enjoy vegetables, but, I find I eat the same ones all the time.  I'd like to mix it up some kale and eggplant with my usual tomatoes and broccoli.  I can become so predictable. 
Perhaps I'll try Green Shakes like so many of you do.  If you have any advice or recipes to share I'd love to hear them! :)

My second Resolution stems from something else extremely important to me.  I've always longed to make a living as an Artist. 
I know I'm preaching to the choir here.

My Husband would love for me to contribute more financially and has politely suggested that I may be able to find a job when Maggie goes to school fulltime in 1st grade....
....but, it would be a dream come true to be able to make Art my profession, and have Chief Paint Slinger be my title :)

I think we established above, with all that health talk, just how short Life is...I want to live mine doing what I love most.

I figured I'd make it my goal to get published in a magazine. If an Art Mag takes your work seriously, than the rest of the world will too, right?!  Well, maybe not....but it's something to strive for anyways :)

Besides, it would make my Mom and Dad so proud :)
...and show Maggie that all dreams are within reach...

So, I'll create...
mail in....

...and keep my fingers crossed again and again...

Until, one day...I may be able to...
Celebrate....and you'll all be invited to party with me...heehee!

My 3rd Resolution is the one that keeps eluding me.  On the surface, it seems like a non-issue.

I mean, how could someone who doesn't have to work (yet...haha!), doesn't exercise and doesn't eat veggies not be having fun..haha!  Well, I don't have nearly as much as I should :)

I want to live in my heart more...and less in my mind....

While I have no problem laughing at myself sometimes, I have trouble in stressful situations relaxing and going with the flow.  Getting uptight and tense isn't going to help anything. Maybe just laughing at the whole thing would put me more at ease :)

I don't say yes enough to her.  She's only a kid once....and one day, she'll stop asking.

 Lazy is just way too easy for me... I believe there is definately room to do better. To try harder. 

I can put the clothes away as soon as I pull them out of the dryer (instead of letting them sit in the basket for a week).

I can write a love letter to my Hubby once a month instead of once a year.

I can cook a meal every now and then, rather than heat up a frozen dinner.

I can look in the mirror....and look past my crow's feet and gray hair....and not mourn over what I used to be.  But, appreciate who I am now and just how special she is :)

Maybe I'll finally do a self-portrait?
Well, probably not....haha!  Maybe in 2013....

I'm linking this up to Butterfly Effect, where they want to know what your resolutions are!  So, spill the beans....what are you going to strive for next year?

Happy New Year, Blog Friends! 
Let's make it a great one!!

Big hugs,

P.S. Did I forget to mention I have a Guest Post there next week?! heehee!!!


Getrealmommy said...

Great goals! Good luck. I'm going easy on myself again, just want to survive :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

These is the MOST fun post I've read in awhile! I would love to put one together like this! I'm going to mark this post to read it again later! If I can figure out how to copy you in any small way...I'll let you know! heehee! I think you are brilliant! ♥ Happy New Year♥

Heather Henry said...

Ahhh Cameron, I think we must be kindreds, or you snuck into my house and stole my resolutions...haha!! Your list looks a lot like mine. This year I've decided to take up running....let me just say, in my entire existence running has never been something I've considered, unless I was being chased. But, I'm realizing as I age, that "they" were right. The older you get, the harder it is to do physical stuff...boy, I hate it when "they're" right. :) I got gummy vitamins in my stocking...they're yummy. Taking them is not a problem. And Kale smoothies, we call them Green Chunky Monkeys. I don't like or eat veggies, so I have to blend them. Easy peasy. Kale, about 1/2 cup water, ice, frozen fruit (strawberries, peaches, whatev) a banana, I add a smidge of coconut flavor and honey. It's pretty yum! And I too, dream of being a paid artist, haven't figured that one out yet, but like you I'm thinking mags are a good way to go. If I find anything else that works, i will share. This is a super long comment, much to say!! :)
Happy New Year and Happy Goal Setting!! Hooray for good changes!

Hybrid J said...

Wonderful goals for 2012 and I know that you can do it! Go for it!!

I'm also thinking and re-grouping for the coming year ... maybe I'll write a post of it come 2012.

Cheers and have a fantastic new year eve! :)

Lucy Chen said...

What a great way to list new year resolutions!

Raven Moon Magic said...

well I love your resolutions, I was just in the kitchen writing out my own and here you are!!!
we have the same resolutions in different worlds. I need to do more active stuff that IS fun and not just involving farm life and work so Im adding in a Kayaking/montain climbing day once a week, I miss outdoor adventures. This year Im moving back into the mode of adventure!!! I used to have crazy little adventures, even just here around my home, but now that I have a child it all child related adventures, I need to get back to crazy old me! for just one day a week. ANd as for successful artist!! we can do this! I think we have to stocktake on what we spend our online time doing, I waste some time in such shit places, gotta cut that out this year, and get some good business practices in place, I will email you every good business info link I can!
Fun fun fun, I wish I laughed more! but I def say yes alot to my daughter, we played a dinner game tonight while dancing, 2 songs of dancing then sit down for 2 mins of eating, 2 mins, 2 songs of dancing...... her cousin thought it was the best dinner ever! but we have to shake shit up here because it has been rainy and stormy since xmas day, a shitter holiday you might say! poor people who have come HERE to camp and have beach fun. I am so here to help you out with your resolutions, let get together and make a few pacts to keep each other in check!
have a good new years, see you on the other side

Joyce van der Lely said...

Ha ! ;) and you tell me you cannot journal ? (thanks for your comment on my last post, I am having a computer crash, so am typing on my SLOW old laptop).... My dear friend THIS is ALL art journaling ! Jusat put all this in a Moleskine or self made book and you're away !Me on the other hand, I am BAD !!!! at resolutions....I tend to make them and not keep them, so I don't do them anymore, don't like to disappoint myself. Saying this, I always start each new Year as FRESH as I can and try hard to do everything as good as I can. I do have PLANS for 2012 though :) Good luck with your resolutions, I will ask you how things are going for you every now and then ;) xoxo Big Hugs xoxo

Incipient Wings said...

love everything you have here Cameron..Good Luck and I'm so very positive I'll be seeing you published very soon:)
I also like the 'yes to Maggie resolution', it will make the 'have fun resolution' easier to realize!
happy happy new year to you all.

Diane said...

What's so great is that it's NEVER too late to do everything you want to do even if you're 100. The only obstacle is yourself--so just do it and it will happen--I LOVE your outlook for 2012!

NatashaMay said...

Fabulous resolutions and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to reach them all. :)

Yeah, exercise. It's so hard to start and even harded to stick to but once you get into the routine of it, it's awesome! I bought the 30 day shred video by Jillian Michaels and it's awesome! Of course I look like a dork doing it and I cheat but after all that sweat that poors out of me I feel amazing. And btw, you don't have to buy it, you can find free videos of it on the net. I found that out after I bought it of course. :))

Vegetables, I'm glad you want to try green smoothies cause that was my first thought to suggest to you. Use spinach and bananas as the main ingridient then add stuff like celery, apples, cucumbers, carrots, pineappples,... for the flavour. And cinnamon! You can use just water or non fat milk or yoghurt. You need to experiment to find the right flavour. So don't get discouraged if on some days it's not gonna taste all that good. Just chunk it down with your nose closed and you'll be fine. :)))

And, if anyone can make a living as an artist, it is you. Seriously! You are so freaking talented that I bet if you made an effort to find a gallery to show and sell your art in, you would sell out in a day. I'm not kidding! And, I'll be the first one celebrating with you when you get published in Somerset magazine. :)

Happy Freaking New Year, Cameron!! :))

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

great goals! I loved your illustrations :)

Happy New Year Cameron !!!!


faerwillow said...

~good morning my dear looking and reading i can see your muse is ready to soar...i will have my party shoes ready for your big day THAT will come to be...i believe in you, your art and your spirit and my wish for you is that your art to leads you on a prosperous journey ahead

as for health...uugghh...something so easily we neglect yet how important reguardless of age...may you have the strength and motivation each day to be mindful of these ways...

happy belated holiday blessings and best wishes to the new year...much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

Geri Centonze said...

I fell like Heather - kindreds for sure! And you stole a lot of my resolutions too (smile). Don't we all dream of making a "real" living on our art. We can never give up that dream and make sure when we take on a new activity it is moving us closer to that goal. Of course my number 1 goal is health like yours because after watching my mom struggle with her health this past year I realize that when that goes you really have nothing! Big wishes for all your dreams to come true and even some you haven't thought of yet!

Treehugger_31 said...

I swear we are long lost sisters, Cameron! The things on your list are the things that should be on mine! :) Also, how did I miss that you used to be a MT? Maybe I knew and forgot...that tends to happen to me a lot! I went to school for massage yet never passed the boards (granted I didn't really try)...but still.

Piarom said...

the good thing is: the healtier you life, the more fun you have, hihi
here maybe you find some inspiration for your green smoothie recipes. I do this on my own and I feel great with it...may all your resolutions come true :-) wish you a wonderful and successful 2012!

Piarom said...

upps forget the link ;-) here it is :

Fallingladies said...

Our lists sound exactly the same, I just havn't posted my full list yet, I wanted to art journal it first..... I sit way too much, plan to do yoga and walk more.... I'd love to quit the day job and create instead, and I so need to eat better, I do love my green smoothies though... My favorite is one banana, a big glass of water, a handful of pineapple and either a big leaf of kale or a spoon of green powder made of seaweed and such that I bought at wegmans, all blended up...yummy but I get lazy and don't make it. Good luck on all yours, you'll be successful!!!

The Secret Hermit said...

Wow that was a totally 'Camtastic' post, loved it!!
This is the first year that I have chosen a 'word for the year' I may blog about it later, but it won't be as fabulous as your post lol

Hope you have a wonderful New Year

Micki x

amy said...

ah ha! i see natasa already got here with her recipe, which was exactly what i was going to recommend to you. I am really lazy with cooking and stuff, but her smoothing thing is so easy, and i have stuck to it. But, (here is the part where everyone cringes) i make a large batch and put the 2 extra days in my fridge so that i only have to make it every 3 days. I just use water, spinach, carrots, apple, blueberries and cinnamon. sometimes pineapple. if i'm rich that week. It's all fresh except for the blueberries. they are frozen because the fresh are totally expensive.

but, natasa is on to something with that recipe.

Honestly, Cameron. I like you so much that i don't think you need any changing.

I think you are really YOU. Being real is great and that's why i loves you.


Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a wonderful set of resolutions, Cameron. I hope you meet all your goals and more in the coming year. May your New Year be beautiful, enchanting and filled with magic!

Manon said...

All I can say is go for it girl, believe in yourself but also be kind to yourself!!!You will get where ever you want.
I want to wish you a very Happy New Year. I am so pleased that I got to know you. I know I am not always leaving comments( believe me I want to) but you are in my thoughts. Maybe that is going to be my resolution leaving more comments lol. Anyway enough double Dutch there. I am looking forward to seeing you around!

kae pea said...

It is a great list and yes, so familiar. I am making my list today...nothing like a little procrastination to bring in the new year! :) Happy 2012!! I wish you all the best and then some. xokp

Carmen said...

Cam, Cam, Cam, Cam.

Cam, Cam, Cam, Cam.

Am honestly sat her shaking my head with a stupid grin on my face. reading this is like looking into a mirror - it really is. Everything - down to wanting to be published (WHY do we need justification so much?) to wanting to be a working artist, to needing to exercise because of the family signals (Cancer & diabetes in my case) to needing to say yes to the monsters more... to being a lazy moo...

Lets do it. Lets make a pact and just just make 2012 the year we DO IT!

Big hugs my fabulous friend. x x x x

Michele said...

You can do this!! awesome post and very lovely wonderful totally doable goals.

So... hows it going so far. :)

FeeBeeDee said...

I, too, feel that you have expressed my feelings, exactly. Love and all the Luck to you this coming year, Phoebe

Kristin said...

Cameron, I love everything about this post. I suppose it's because I CAN SO RELATE! About wanting to look and feel your best (which, btw, keep it up because since October, I have gained a lot of confidence with my new food choices - it makes you look and feel so good!), about being published (remind me to tell you a story about that), and about living in the moment and for joy! I have a 6 year-old and I agree. I am home all day and when she is around, I want to feel and be joy. That is what they will remember, but sometimes reality is that it doesn't always happen. BUT the intention is there and the rest will follow . . . YEAH YOU! xoxo

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