Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting my Lazy Glass Moving!

Well, Dear Blog Buddies,

All the shrieks and rattling chains of Halloween are being replaced with Christmas carols and jingling bells now.  November is upon us, and with it, thoughts of Christmas being right around the corner and the list of loved ones we need presents for...

I try to make as many gifts as I fact, I'm trying to get an early start...heehee!

I've dipped into my sea glass stash again.  Though it can be tedious sorting through piece after piece after piece....there's nothing like the satisfaction of finally fitting all my glass puzzle bits together in a pleasing arrangement...
Allow me to show you what I've been up to :)
I find all my sea glass while vacationing in Northern California.  It's a smelly, seaweed filled beach, but the thrill of hunting for treasures like these is more overpowering than the odor..haha!  That piece just off center is Jadeite pretty :)
Sometimes you get really lucky and find a bit of blue glass or PINK glass! 
Yes, pink glass is very can be found, but usually in much smaller pieces.  I spent the whole day on that beach...and this is all the blue I found.  This clip is just 1 1/2 inches (roughly 4cm) long, if that gives you an indication of its scarcity!
I don't alter my found treasures in any way.  I use them in the condition I find them :)
Can you see the heart there in the middle?  A sea tumbled pebble treasure!
Glass and stones aren't the only amazing things I acquire....look at these wonderfully seaworn pieces of china and pottery.  Blue and cream...perfect for jeans or gypsy wear :)
...and then there are shells!  These are special because they all have some shine and shimmer to them....very elegant!
And sometimes I like to change the vibe of a piece....from the more feminine styles above to a chunky, modern look for the bolder set.  This one is a 3 1/4 inch (approx 10cm) those glass bits are pretty big...wrapped in black wire...super fun :)
These have been my newest creations, but there are quite a few still sitting on my store shelves if you are looking for something with someone in mind...

Maybe something like these?
Or possibly this?
Okay, so I'll stop trying to tempt you....heehee!
But now it's your turn.
What are you making in preparation for the Holidays....and do you sell whatever it is cuz I want to see them!  Please leave me a link so I can take a looksie :D

I hope your week is going well! I'm always glad when I get to spend part of mine with you!
Biggest Hugs,


Diane said...

Beautiful, and even better because they're hand created by you and even better because the art "supplies" were "purchased" from Mother

Geri Centonze said... the green! They're all so pretty and like Diane said even better because Mother Nature had a hand in it too!

NatashaMay said...

Awesome gifts! You've been busy. I buy my gifts cause nobody around me really appreciates handmade so I don't bother. I mean I made gifts for my parents and close friends but I can't really give them a painting for every holiday or birthday. :))

Denise said...

I was on the northern Ca. coast a few months ago.I have a bucket full of the stones on my patio. Thank you so much for the idea of what to do with them.Gorgeous work,I love it.What kind of glue do you thinks works best?-Denise

Carmen said...

Like NatashaMay I'm never sure if my 'made' gifts are totally appreciated by those around me so I only make them for the few I KNOW will want them (i.e, they've presented me with a list of what they want made *g*)The others get boring old bought gifts :P

Love your glass work, those green ones remind me of caterpillars :D

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

OH man, that could be a whole nother post "who appreciates our handmade gifts" hee hee...

Your creations are just beautiful. I love the natural look of each one. I love the little shell you added to one of them, too. Beautiful work!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Those are really the one with found bits of china. I've been to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg...Northern CA is one of my most favorite vacation memories. Every beach was different.

Happy present making!

Carol said...

Those are totally awesome and I wish I were on your gift giving list.
I'm working on hats for the grandkids and artwork for everyone. Still thinking about what else I'm going to do.

Treehugger_31 said...

All very beautiful! The green one is very pretty. :) I love making holiday gifts too. I just feel homemade is so much nicer than storebought!

Erin K said...

Oh wow, these are beautiful! Much nicer than what you'd find in a store. I just love them. I knew sea glass can be wonderful but what you've done has turned them into stunning gems!

I celebrate Chanuka, but I love all the Christmas specials and yummy treats...and I still try to make gifts for my mum at least, but I usually fail to complete the gift. does get done at some point.

Joyce van der Lely said...

yay, you have been busy with your glass ! I like the green glass and the shells, love all the hairclips. And I like your new banner as well :)
I'm having a pianting block.....:(

Joyce van der Lely said...

Oh, oh and I forgot....the ♥ shaped pebble !!! we do find love everywhere when we look don't we ?
oh and you know where I sell my handmade arts and crafts, but yes agree with some of the others....not everybody appreciates handmade....they are the loosers, they miss out, I thinks it's MUCH nicer. Happy shopping everybody !!!!

Caatje said...

All that beautiful glass. I live in a place surrounded by beach (an island), but nothing so pretty washes ashore here.

Pease Porridge said...

Ooooo these are all so pretty! LOVE, love, love the Sally costume! Best I have ever seen!

Isabelle Thornton said...

Oh man! I don't know what to make. pregnancy brain in full force. LOL
I love your creations. Christmas is such an exiting time.
Thanks for your visit.

Kristin said...

Uh, WOW! Those are absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE the fact that you found them on the beach and that you're not even altering them. So cool. And so elegant! I do want to do something handmade this Christmas, but I have yet to decide what . . . wish us luck, xoxoxo

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