Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Giveaway Results!

Hello to all you wonderful Blog Buddies! 

I hope you all know how much I appreciate you entering my little Giveaway!  It means so much to me to have a supportive group of kick-butt, artsy-fartsy, doing what they love, Girls out there cheering me on!

I wish I could send each one of you something from my heart....but since I can't afford the postage, I'm going to make it a gigantic, over-the-top, better brace yourself cuz it's coming Cyber ((HUG)) !!!  I really am so lucky to have found Blogging and all of you in the process :D

Okay, so enough of the mushy stuff....I'll get to it now.....

But first......
Thought I'd show you this...and prolong the anticipation a tiny bit more....heehee ;P
It is called a Whimsy Pocket made from a paper towel roll.  This is my first one made for a swap over at Tee's The Altered Paper blog.  She hosts many different types of fun swaps.  Check it out if you need a fun little project :)
Here's the back.
...and here's the one I received from Mary at LimeLight Art Works.

Here's all the goodies she put inside....
I know, I're wondering who is the winner of the goodies I'm giving....

Okay, but before I tell you.....look at these:

Does their cuteness make up for me being a booger and making you wait just a tad longer?


Well, then, I musn't keep you on edge a moment longer!
If you are new around here....I have to tell you that I don't use Random Generator for my giveaways.

I don't know would probably be a heck of a lot easier....I wouldn't have to worry about getting a photo of the whole ordeal or hurting my head trying to think of ideas that are clever...
I guess I'm just a nut :)

So, this time....I decided I would flip the pages of a book while my blindfolded Daughter (my always eager assistant) dropped a toy whale onto the pages.  The corresponding page number would be the winner :)

Does anyone have any clue why I picked a whale, by chance?  The first person to get it right will get a little goodie just for humoring me...haha!

Anyways.....without further ado.....

The winner is:

# 39 !!

Congrats to you, Marty!

Marty just loves vintage items...she opened an Etsy store recently with some cute things in it if you like vintage, too. for the rest of my beloved blog friends......are those cyber hugs wearing a little thin?  I'm sorry....I hope to have another Giveaway sooner than later....because I love you guys so much!

In the meantime...there is a little Giveaway happening at  Judy's place for a gift certificate to purchase some really gorgeous jewelry :D

Here's an example......

Feeling that hug again now, aren't you....haha!

Really, life is richer for knowing all of you!  Thanks so much :D

Warm thoughts,


Clare said...

hi - i agree with your first part of this post - about how lucky one feels to have found a community of like-minded people. it lifts the spirits, makes the soul soar and is just plain good fun. cute post

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay !Congrats to the winner..lucky..such beautiful treasures!Enjoy!

Jen said...

Your number-picking method is a lot more fun!

Diane said...

Congrats to Marty!--lucky lucky winner!

Marty said...

Thank you so much! I am indeed lucky!...but even more so to have such a sweet and talented friend :)

Treehugger_31 said...

Cute! I love how you picked the winner! :)

trisha too said...

Awww, thanks for the hug, sweetie!
And I think I will check out Tee's site, that sounds like fun!!


Congratulations, Marty!

Raven Moon Magic said...

Obviously I was an investigator in a past life! The whale seems to be used because the book you are using numbers from has an underwater world theme from the time of the gods/godesses, I have no idea what it is called but have a feeling Im close!

I adore those owls soo much, are they in your shop????

I know you suggested on my last post that if you were doing as many things as me you would go a little crazy....well honey you do probably more than me! your involved with so many groups and swaps on here, Im envious. what do you think about the creative everyday challenge this month, perfects me think!!

love ya

Crystalrainbow said...

wow thise owls are just too cute :) i love em and my fav things sea glass and owls lol love the whimsey pockets too you are so talented x x x many thanks for your support too ty

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Congrats to your super lucky winner! She is going to really love any beautiful treat you create for her. :) And those owls you made are ADORABLE!!!! :)

Carmen said...

I was going to be all clever and say you used the book Moby Dick... but you so didn't. Which is kind of mean of you as I would have felt all smug and clever :P

So I'm going to say... you used a whale because... they are big and heavy and... I really have no idea *g*

I adore those necklaces though!

Congrats to lucky Marty :D

Deedra said...

Everything is wonderful, Cameron! Woe! That little pocket is such a fantastic idea and makes me smile so much! The little sand glass creatures are simply adorable and full of character and the giveaway is to-die-for! WishI would have known about it because I would have looooooved it!!! Nice work!

The Altered Paper said...

Cameron, Thank You for participating in the Whimsy Pocket Swap!
It was a Fun & Successful Swap!
Many Thanks to you & all the artistic ladies who joined in to make it a success! Hugs Tee

DolceDreams said...

I love your re-use of the tp rolls! Adorable! Have a great week,

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