Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OWOH Treasure!

Hello all! 

Wasn't the whole Event just so exciting?  This was my first year participating...and I walked away from it feeling so enriched by getting to know so many fellow bloggers....and having a deeper sense of belonging to this incredible community of ordinary people sharing bits and pieces of their lives.
I am still dumbstruck by the amount of amazing talent and genuine kindness that this world possesses!

...and now, since the whirlwind of OWOH has settled, I want to give you a peek at some of the lovely treasure I was lucky enough to receive.....

Tahnya Marie at Dreaming of Everpretty sent me the cutest assortment of beautifully wrapped!  The wonderful fabric covered journal and bookmark will now become my Blog Buddy Address Book (I so needed one of these!) much fun stuff here, like glitter and beads....and a handmade Apple Cozy!!  I haven't tried it yet....we've unfortunately been out of apples...but I can't wait to show it off :D

Laura at Cobblestone Creations sent me a pretty package of butterfly themed goodness....and a cute little green finger monster....which my daughter quickly called hers!  You should have a look at her site if you love mice....she makes the sweetest little mouse dolls you ever saw :)

Pam at Design Spark was kind enough to hold a bonus drawing which allowed me to receive this feminine bud vase, just in time for Spring!  I also had mentioned that I wanted to thumb thru one of her catalogs she sent one along!  So much home decor inspiration in there...and wonderful accessories to compliment your space... You can peruse a catalog, too...right here.

...And something to make you say...aaaaawwh....

Look at these charasmatic folk!  They are just adorable in person...and that toadstool makes me smile! 
Margaret at We Bloom Here made these.  My daughter loved them immediately and thought they might be tired from their journey to our house.  She promptly put them to bed :)

I thank these ladies so much for their generosity!  I hope to learn more about them as the year goes by and see them again, next year for the re-vamped version of the fantastic One World idea :)  I urge you to visit them, too....they are truly nice people :P

I hope you're having a wonderful week!  I'll be back soon with new art to show you....heehee!

Hugs all around!


M. Bloom said...

oooh! You won the prize from Dreaming of Ever Pretty... Those little bottles of glitter made me drool! You lucky, lucky mama!

Cindy Adkins said...

Woo hoo!!!! That is awesome--such amazing goodies--wasn't it sooo fun?

Your little girl is beautiful!!! Hugs to you sweet friend and happy to know you're doing well!

Sunshineshelle said...

Fantastic treasure trove :) I can't wait to post goodies as I was a winner not only of cool friends via OWOH but door prizes too!! YEY!! Being in Australia just takes a little longer... BOTH WAYS LOL, my winners are probably still waiting too ;) So exciting thanks for sharing, I bet your daughter was thrilled with her bounty too!

fairyrocks said...

How generous and lovely for you!!
I loved the OWOH event too, I never did make it throught the list, but I discovered so many fun new blogs to visit.
Thanks for your kind comments on the Fairy Jars. It really is a fun thing to do.
Keep smiling and creating

Carmen said...

Oh what lovely gifts you received. I loved the event - totally loved it. It ruled my World for a while there. Can't wait for next years even t and met so many great people this year (my first year too) and also got some really beautiful gifts along the way. It's such a special event.

Kathy said...

Don't you just love packages in the mail!? What fun stuff you have there. And sharing with your little SweetPea! Thw OWOH is awesome and overwhelming!!! Cheers - Kathy

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Cam,
Just wanted to see how you're doin'!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Such lovely goodies! Thanks for sharing them and introducing us to the wonderful artisans who gave them to you. :) Enjoy! Theresa

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