Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling Catty!

......but, not in that, "Oh my Gosh!...What is she wearing" kinda way!  If anything, I'd be the one people were saying that about...haha!

No, most eves, I put my little girl to bed....go put on my pajamas...brew myself a cup of tea.....say goodnite to my Hubby....and play in my Art Room til about 1:30 a.m.!  He has asked if I'm ever coming to bed at a normal hour again....but, it's so hard to lay still in bed dreaming of painting....when I could actually be doing it!

My daughter has decided to have a Cat Themed Birthday Party this year....and has chosen Cat Fabric in which to decorate her, needless to say.....I'm up to my ears in cats! ...And they've crept so easily into my art of late :)

As evidenced by these....heehee!

"Tuxedo Boy"

"Lazy Susan"
I keep the eyes crackle-free, then finish them with a layer of Diamond Glaze....
I love how this gives a domed, shiny quality to them!

"Best Buddies"

"Lovely Luna"
I used Irridescent Acrylic Medium for the first time on this one....that's those silvery highlights you see :)

"Lying Low in the Lavender"

These are all 5 x 7 inch canvas boards (I've never used these before and I think they're fantastic!).
All employ a wonderful crackle finish, except for Best Buddies....I opted to use a matte varnish instead so as not to obscure all the lovely fur brushstrokes.

I made sure they were painted around the edges so they can be displayed without a frame.....maybe leaned on a shelf or propped up with an easel.....

They have decorative ribbon adhered to the backs so they may be hung...these just fall behind the piece when not in use....

What do you think?!
See how much I can get done in the wee hours of the night!
They are in my shop on Artfire and on Etsy,  if interested.

Although....if I got more sleep, I could worry less about potential comments about my wardrobe...haha!

Having you visit always makes me purr!



Treehugger_31 said...

Wow! These are great! I love them all but especially Luna. Great work!

Carmen said...

Oh they are gorgeous! And here was I charging over expecting a juicy catfight!

I think Luna is my favourite too but only because he reminds me of my wee man Rocky. How I still miss him! They are all gorgeous and I love that you kept their eyes clear. A cat themed party eh? What a cool Mum!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi Cam! I LOVE your sweet kitty paintings. The first one reminds me of my beloved Patches (RIP). I really like how you used the crackle medium. It really gives a lot of depth to the pieces. And I absolutely adore using iridescent medium. I WISH I could stay up that late - all my creating is often done during the day. LOL Take care, Theresa :)
PS A kitty themed party...I see cute cat cupcakes in the future!

Incipient Wings said...

these are incredible!!!
Luna looks like my beloved Baby Tuna who just passed away.
they are all awesome rock!

sheree said...

cat themed party!! ohh meow!
dont mean to jump on the bandwagon but there is something about Luna, i think its the green eyes, the crackle effect is very cool, if Im gonna buy some of that what is it called???

and I wish I had your stamina for painting till 1.30 and then being a mother during the day, I lost 3 hours sleep last night thanks to Indi's nightmare and man am I a cranky cow today! smile!!!

Im gonna look at this etsy store


Melissa said...

Oh Cameron! You are such a talent!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lovely Luna! She looks just like MY Lovely Luna!!! I am going to visit your Etsy shop indeed!!!

On another daughter is so lucky to have such a creative mom to indulge her ideas!! Keep creating my friend!

Karen S. said...

Oh wow I can see why you paint all night...such a craft you have tuned in sweetly too! It's gonna be a happy kitty cat birthday party I know!

Kathy said...

Oh, my favorite definitely is the first one. Tuxedo boy. Such a snappy look he has! The eyes on all of the cats are just amazing. Your cats are gorgeous. - Kathy

dthaase said...

fantastic style and use of color...great to have you in the whimsy mix!

Diana Evans said...

oh wow wow and wow Cameron!!!! these are amazing have blown me away with your work today!!!! wonderful to see all this creativity .....


peggy gatto said...

Absolutely wonderful!!!!
I have been on a pet painting kick and fun to see these!!!

mermaiden said...

i love the blossom background on the first kitty especially =]

Diane said...

These are...awesome!!

Abi said...

Ooh, thank you for visiting! I'm obsessed with cats, so these paintings are an immediate new love! they are beautiful, as is the living one!!
I also salute you for the time you took to find your OWOH winners! LOL. what fun to find them in a way you had not planned too! LOL

PixieDust said...


I've wandered over from Web of Whimsey... your cats are beautiful!

Cats are making their way into my artwork, also, but nothing like this!


Denise said...

Your art is just wonderful!! I have three kitties, and I have no doubt they would certainly approve.

trisha too said...

We've always been a little "catty" around our house--your kitty paintings are a delight, Cameron!


Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, Cam, these are "over the moon" fabulous!!! And your kitty is precious!!!
I am speechless!!!

Shayla said...

OH WOOOOOW!!! So many great pieces you have created! They are absolutely adorable and stunning! You are so talented, I wish i could create such beautiful cats.

Peach Street said...

I want a kitty cat!
I love the crackle on them.
I wish I could paint.

Pop Art Minis said...

Wonderful Whimsical Fun! Have a purr-fect day! :)

Kim Dellow said...

Gorgeous works! So cute, love all the texture. Kim

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Oh Cameron, the cat in the Best Buddies picture captures exactly the look I occasionally get from one of my cats!! LOL.. too funny, it's the one he gives me when he is ignoring me!!

I received my blog candy this week..Thank you so much, what a wonderful surprise, so many goodies!!

Sharon F.

Fiona Whitehead said...

Your cats (and the dog) are just gorgeous - oh now - perhaps another purchase coming on x Ha ha - I have the original he he x

Victoria Sayer said...

Hi Cameron,
thanks for dropping by earlier on and leaving a lovely comment! Yes, yes, I do love comments!
Your cats have caught my eye. I really like your 'Lovely Luna' and those big green soulful eyes. And your real life feline friend is quite superb...what a beauty!
I can really relate to the staying up late when 'one' should be sleeping. My daughter has the same thing happening in her life. Sometimes, she only remembers to go to bed, once she sees the night starting to turn into morning. Crazy. Haha.

Gumnut said...

Late nights to early mornings, I am so with you on that. It is the only time to get anything done, even if I look like the dead warmed up the next morning.

Your cats all have such character. The first few above have attitude as well. Very catty, imperious feline attitude :D Great work. And so much of it! Congrats.

(via Web of Whimsey)

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I'm a night owl, too. But you are accomplishing way more... great job! These are fantastic! I love your colorful style.

I still can't get over how much our cats look alike, they could be family...hahah

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