Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Need a Vacation?

Have you been feeling a bit tired lately?  Maybe need a little time to relax after the hectic Holidays?

Well, I think I have just the place for you!

Just imagine the greenest, most mystical forest you can....can you see it in your mind?

Tiptoe around the ring of toadstools, past the boulder that looks like a the tallest Redwood in the middle of the glen....

There it is....

...a little Bed & Breakfast, with a light on just for you!

The Spore and Snore Inn, a quaint little cure for worry and care :)

Come In, come in!  There's a hot cup of tea waiting for you inside....

Can I interest you in a room overlooking the garden?

Or a cozy upper floor space with a window to the starry night?

Whichever you choose, you're most welcome....please enjoy your time here!

This is my newest Mixed Media painting :)
The Spore and Snore Inn
8 x 10 inches on back stapled canvas

I finished this a week or so ago...and have been dying to share it with you!
I'm happy to say my internet is up and running again....HOORAY!!!!
So, I shan't be so far away anymore....pinky swear ;0D

I'm linking this post to Cindy @ Whimsical Musings "Celebrate Your Creative Spirit" post.
Please stop by to see how others have been creative this month!

I'll be back soon....very soon..HEEHEE!


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, this is amazing!!!! Your work is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for showing us your creative spirit. I'm in awe.

Micki Wilde said...

I love this post Cameron and the painting is wonderful!!

I seem to have got stuck in a rut with... "er here's my latest painting" kinda blog posts lol ;)

I think I need to add more interest :)


Micki x

Amy said...

I love this!!!! So magical - great job!

Liberty said...

this is absolutely splendiferously awesome! I love it and am totally wowed :)

vintagesusie & wings said...

I ADORE the Spore & Snore Inn & I would love the 2nd floor room with a view. Thank you friend for taking me on a mini mindcation imagining the wonders I might see there!

EVA said...

Charming and delightful!!!

Ms. Rachael said...

SPORE n SNORE!! I love it!! It's so dreamy!

You are cracking me up with your comment on my blog, thank you!! I'd also much rather die by giant penis. Hahahaaha... thanks again for the laughs. :)

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Cam,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! I wanted to tell you that I am launching a new online magazine on Monday--I hope you'll come see will be lots of fun AND I'm having a giveaway too!

Jessica said...

Amazing!!! I love B&B's and want to make a reservation at the Spore and Snore Inn. I do need a vacation. The details are amazing. And, the colors are dreamy.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I would TOTALLY love to stay at the Spore and Snore Inn. How beautiful, Cameron!!! Hurray for Internet connection - so happy you are back! Theresa :)

Diana said...

This is so fun. I love how you invite us into your painting...a great technique. I love the name, too. Your so creative!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Cam!
Thanks for coming to visit! I hope you're having a great weekend...Mine has been so busy getting everything ready for the Blog Candy and the magazine--yippee-it's all

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Cam,
Thanks so much for visiting!!! I wanted to tell you that I am going to do a "love of the sea" piece about a month from now and will feature your mermaids!!!
How cute will that be? I think it will be awesome!!!

trisha too said...

Adorable, Cam! I hope it's okay with you--I'm linking you up with the pic, okay??


Kiki aka Victoria said...

Gorgeous...such an enchanting post...beautiful and brilliant!

thepearlworld said...

Mushroom hotel, what an idea! I have followed your blog when I did my old blog, and I've got se many great ideas.. Now I haven't followed it for some time, and again, I'm in heaven!
Keep up with the good work!


Cynthia L. said...

Just wanted to say I love this painting and would love to own it. Budget is tight right now! I love all things gnome and mushroom! You are so talented and I and it sounds like you really love what you are doing!

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